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Featured Studies / Reports

(from the home page)

Proposals to Strengthen Canada's Pandemic ResponseDiscussion Feedback

January 2023 

What were the historical reasons for the resistance to recognizing airborne transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic?*

Indoor Air (International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health)

August 2022 

Proposed Non-infectious Air Delivery Rates (NADR) for Reducing Exposure to Airborne Respiratory Infectious Diseases

The Lancet COVID-19 Commission Task Force on Safe Work, Safe School, and Safe Travel
with contributions from
CATC members

November 2022 

A Multi-national Delphi Consensus to End the COVID-19 Public Health Threat

Written by a large group of authors with contributions from
CATC members

September 2022 

*See also a PDF version of the long Twitter thread by Jose-Luis Jimenez, the lead author on this article

All Supported Studies / Reports

Covid-19 has Redefined Airborne Transmission – 
Improving Indoor Ventilation and Air Quality Will Help Us All to Stay Safe

British Medical Journal

April 14, 2021

Ten Scientific Reasons in Support of Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV2

The Lancet

April 15, 2021

Indoor Air Changes and Potential Implications for SARS-CoV2 Transmission

Journal of the American Medical Association

April 16, 2021

Leading Health Organizations Call on OSHA and CDC to Issue Guidance on Preventing Occupational Exposures Due to Aerosol Transmission of SARS CoV-2

AIHA and eight other leading scientific organizations

February 10, 2021

A Time of Fear: How Canada failed our health care workers and mismanaged COVID-19

Report commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

October 2020

Fatal Choices: COVID-19, nursing and the tragedy of long-term care

Report commissioned by the Ontario Nurses’ Association

March 2021

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